What Are Mineral and Energy Resources ?

Resources are basically anything that is used to provide benefits to humans. The term ‘resources’ is usually used in the context of natural resources which are un-exhaustible and renewable. Mineral resources, as the name suggests, are resources that come from minerals. Energy resources, on the other hand, encompass all sources of energy, both renewable and non-renewable. 

So, what are minerals? Well, as per the Geologists, a homogeneous naturally occurring substance with a definable internal structure is called a mineral which is found in various forms in nature. The formation of the particular mineral depends upon the physical and chemical conditions of the material. 

Minerals are the greatest gift of nature, and these minerals help in the development of a country in all spheres. There are various types of minerals present in nature that are obtained from rocks or other sources. In this article, you will learn about minerals and resources, the main types of minerals, etc. It will help you to understand some of the very important concepts of Geography, which will help you in all the higher classes of Geography.

Classification of Minerals

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